The Shaving Co. Original Beard Oil 2oz/60ml


Everything started here. Our original fragrance, a delicate sandalwood and spice clove scent  with bergamot soft notes, a delight aroma & life for your beard, simply our favorite.
The Shaving Co. BEARD OILS is the first series of hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested beard oils produced in carefully blended small batches for superior performance in man's beard conditioning and maintenance using only Premium Essential Oils 100% natural that delight with pure and refreshing notes in each of its aromas.
  • Provides superior moisturizing and nutrition for the skin and hair follicles without chemical agents.
  • It significantly reduces the sensation of itching and dryness in the beard.
  • Avoid broken tips on the beard.
  • Effectively counteract bad odors from eating and smoking.

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